Welcome to my website. ♡

Let's get sensual. Intensely sensual... Sensual with no escape but succumbing to it... Fully... Entirely... Helplessly pleasureable...Let me lead you into sharing and being YOU. The real you... Your innermost manly you...


About me

My 5 foot 2" frame is eagerly waiting to be shared with you. The you that your home or date deprived you off... That you miss so much...  The you that may fulfill dreams with me.... find answers to your needs... finally allow yourself to share and carry out the wishes that you are shy to share at home or with your date, but your manly innermost craves so desperately to fulfill... 


My curves that are perfectly soft and firm, in a perfect balance of explosive  femininity, both physical and mental, will respond in the way you have only dreamed of to your manly touches... Mind... Body... Needs... as we indulge in my offered open minded GFE experience...


I would love to share all of it as a travel companion as well, or in discussion over a glass of wine prior to engaging in the fulfillment of your needs and dreams... I can be your perfect conversational partner as well... Listening to you... As a massage therapist we can intertwine the different chapters of our encounter with massages that would sooth your craving and aching body...

I can be soft with you, or handle you demandingly... with firmness, as your forbidden dreams call for...


My full, feminine, all-natural body, with no implants or augmentations, just as nature intended it to be, will speak to your manly body and soul, have them rise up to the occasion, fully, proudly, readily, mightily...  And-- impatiently! Aching for the full release of the long buildup, waiting and enormous expectations and offerings...


All can take place in my condo or at your hotel...


Each encounter for me is a fresh, yet untold story, as exciting as the very first one... I am waiting eagerly to meeting you, establish a meaningful, sensual connection with you, my next exciting story, definitely unlike any other before...


I am bilingual, French-English, but here, I will seal with a message in neither language-- rather, with an imaginedkiss... A deep French one... Close your eyes and imagine it... Later—you will experience it in reality! With me... Intensely... Intoxicatingly... Addictively...


My expected donations

60 minutes encounter - 260$

90 minutes encounter - 370$

--2 hours - 480$

*for longer meetings please contact me.

*For meeting with the consumption of alcohol please notify me in advance so i don't drive my car


I am asking for a 60$ deposit for placing your reservation

Gifts ideas

Never expected, but always appreciate...


Books (ask for my favourite topics), lingerie (ask for my favouriye styles and colours), wine (whether red or white will depend on the mood, food and the place), flowers (my favuorite are sweet love pink roses), jewlery, any gift cards


The condo I can receive you at  is located near metro Cremazie. I only offer outcalls to hotels, no private residences.

​*Fees can be apply for outcalls


​You can find me on Twitter at @kellysaintelucy



​Send me an email at


I require at least one reference of a provider you have seen in the past. If you do not have references send me an email and we can figure out other screening ways.

Virtual Session available via skype


30 min 150$

1h 250$
3h 500$

*Full Payment should be made at the minimum 24h in advance.

​Thank you and kisses!